eTESDA PMU is in the progress of completing the Trainers Methodology II (TM II) with its Core and Elective Competencies, if you are interested to take up the complete program, you may enroll Trainers Methodology II (TM II) face-to-face training to the nearest TESDA Accredited Technical Vocational Institutes (TVIs) in your area.

Core and elective competencies are as follows:

1) Conduct Training Needs Analysis (under development)
2) Curriculum Development
3) Develop Learning Materials (under development)
4) Develop Competency Assessment Tools (under development)
5) Design and Develop Maintenance System (under development)
6) Develop Learning Materials for E-Learning (under development)

1) Facilitate Development of Competency Standards (under development)

Please take note that the prerequisite in taking TRAINERS METHODOLOGY II (TM II) is a National Certificate (NC) of Trainers Methodology I (TM I), also we do not issue any training certificate/certificate of completion. If you are aiming to have a National Certificate (NC) in TRAINERS METHODOLOGY II, you may go to the nearest Assessment Center and take the National Assessment. For the training standard, please see the Training Regulation required by TESDA.

Curriculum Development