eTESDA PMU is in the progress of completing the Trainers Methodology I (TM I) with its Basic and Core Competencies.

Basic and core competencies are as follows:
1) Lead Workplace Communication
2) Apply Math and Science Principles in Technical Training (under development)
3) Apply Environmental Principles and Advocate Conservation (under development)
4) Utilize IT Applications in Technical Training
5) Lead Small Teams (under development)
6) Apply Work Ethics, Values and Quality Principles
7) Work Effectively in Vocational Education and Training (under development)
8) Foster and Promote a Learning Culture
9) Ensure Healthy and Safe Learning Environment (under development)
10) Maintain and Enhance Professional Practice (under development)
11) Develop and Promote Appreciation for Cost-Benefits of Technical Training
12) Develop and Promote Global Understanding of Labor Markets (under development)

1) Plan Training Sessions
2) Facilitate Learning Sessions (for revision)
3) Supervise Work-based Learning (under development)
4) Conduct Competency Assessment
5) Maintain Training Facilities (under development)
6) Utilize Electronic Media in Facilitating Training

Please take note that the prerequisite in taking TM I is a National Certificate (NC) of any qualification. While we are still in the process of developing the other courseware, you have the option to enroll Trainers Methodology I face-to-face training in any TESDA Accredited Technical Vocational Institutes (TVIs).

Plan Training Session
Facilitate Learning Session
Utilize Electronic Media in Facilitaiting Training
Conduct Competency Assessment
Lead Workplace Communication
Develop and Promote Appreciation for Costs and Benefits of Technical Training
Utilize IT Application in Technical Training
Foster and Promote Inclusive Learning Culture
Apply Work Ethics, Values and Quality Principles