Course categories


Ships' Catering 
 Module 1: Preparing Nutritionally-and Health-Balanced MealSummary
 Module 2: Supervise/Administer Galley AreaSummary
Information Technology 

Basic Computer Operation 
 Intel Easy Steps (Facebook App)

Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3 
 Web Development Using HTML 5

Animation (3D DIGITAL) 
 Use an Authoring Tool to Create an Interactive Sequence
 Produce Key Drawings for Animation
 Create 3D Digital Animation

Microsoft Online Courses 

Game Development 

Game Production Basics 
 Game Production Basics

Developing 2D Games with HTML5 
 Developing 2D Games with HTML5

Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity 
 Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity

Software Development Fundamentals 
 Software Development Fundamentals

C# Fundamentals for Beginners 
 C# Fundamentals for Beginners

Udacity - Google Courses 

Android Development for Beginners 
 Android Development for Beginners

UX Design for Mobile Developers 
 UX Design for Mobile Developers

SMART Android Mobile Apps Development for Beginners 
 Mobile Application Development using the Android Platform

SMART Technopreneurship 101 
 Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship
 The Start of an Entrepreneurial Journey
 The Business Model
 Product Development
 Customer Validation

Food and Beverage Servicing 

Waiter Servicing 
 Module1: Introduction to Food and Beverage Service
 Module2: Types of Food Service
 Module3: Preparing Dining Room for Service
 Module4: Welcoming Guest
 Module5: Presenting Menu and Taking Orders
 Module6: Serving and Clearing Food and Beverage Orders
 Module7: Presenting Bills and Bidding Goodbyes

Room Attendant Servicing 
 Module 1: Introduction to Room ServiceSummary
 Module 2: Taking Guest Orders through telephone
 Module 3: Assembling Guest Orders
 Module 4: Delivering Guest Orders
 Module 5: Cleaning up Room Orders

Bus Boy Servicing 
 Module1: Food and Beverage Service
  Module2: Identification Of Dining Tools And Equipments
 Module3: Proper Way Of Clearing/Bussing Out Soiled Dishes
 Module4: 5S Of Good Housekeeping


Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests 
 Module 1: The Housekeeping Department
 Module 2: Handling Housekeeping Requests

Guest Room Attendant Servicing 
 Module 1: Getting Ready for Work
 Module 2: Preparing the Housekeeping Cart
 Module 3: Entering the Room
 Module 4: Stripping Beddings
 Module 5: Making the bed
 Module 6: Cleaning the Floor and Furniture
 Module 7: Replenishing Room Amenities
 Module 8: Cleaning the Bathroom
 Module 9: Housekeeping Quality Checks

Valet Servicing 
 Module 1: Valet Servicing

Public Area Attendant Servicing 
 Module 1: Basic Cleaning Procedures
 Module 2: Front of the House
 Module 3: Back of the House
 Module 4: Handling Chemicals

Laundry Servicing 
 Perform Laundry Service


Preparing Sandwiches 
 Module 1: Getting Ready for Work
 Module 2: Setting up the Work Station
 Module 3: Preparing the Sandwiches
 Module 4: Storing the Sandwiches

Preparing Egg Dishes 
 Module 1: Understanding Eggs
  Module 2: Egg Cooking Techniques

Preparing Vegetable Dishes 
 Module 1: Controlling Vegetable Quality
 Module 2: Handling Vegetables
 Module 3: Vegetable Cooking Techniques

Preparing Starch Dishes 
 Module 1: Understanding Potatoes
 Module 2: Understanding Rice
 Module 3: Understanding Pasta

Preparing Salads and Salad Dressing 
 Module 1: Understanding Salad and Salad Dressing
 Module 2: Getting Ready for Work
 Module 3: Setting Up the Work Station
 Module 4: Preparing the Salad and Dressing
 Module 5: Storing Salad and Dressing

Preparing Appetizers 
 Module 1: Preparing Appetizers

Preparing Desserts 
 Module 1: Patisserie/Pastry Chef
 Module 2: Getting Ready for Work
 Module 3: Preparing Desserts
 Module 4: Presenting Desserts

Preparing Stocks, Soups, and Sauces 
 Understanding Soups, Stocks, and Sauces
 Setting Up The Work Station
 Preparing Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
 Storage and Reconstituting

Preparing Poultry and Game Dishes 
 Identifying Poultry and Game Meats
 Preparing Poultry and Game Meats
 Cooking Poultry and Game Dishes
 Storage and Waste Management

Preparing Seafood Dishes 
 Identifying Fish and Shellfish
 Setting-up the Work Station
 Purchase and Preparing Fish and Shellfish Varieties
 Cooking and Presenting Seafood Dishes

Bread and Pastry Production 

Preparing Cakes 
 Module 1: Getting Ready for Work
 Module 2: Understanding the principles of baking
 Module 3: Preparing and baking sponges and cakes
 Module 4: Preparing fillings, coatings, icing and decoration

Cellphone Servicing 
 Module 1 - The Cellular Phone Technician
 Module 2 - How the Cellular Phone Works
 Module 3 - Basic Electronics
 Module 4 - Performing Diagnostic and Repair

Solar Night Light Assembly 
 Module 1: Solar Power Generation Technology
 Module 2: Basic Electronics
 Module 3: Assembly of Solar Lamp
 Module 4: Testing and Troubleshooting

Fruit Grower 
 Module 1: Preparing the site for planting fruit tree
 Module 2: Growing Fruit Seedling

Diesel Engine Tune Up 
 The Diesel Engine
 Set and Install Injection Pump to Engine
 Inspect Injection Timing
 Bleeding Injection System Components

Automotive Battery Servicing 
 Module 1: The Automotive Battery
 Module 2: Test an Automotive Battery
 Module 3: Remove and Replace Battery
 Module 4: Service and Charge Battery
Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition 

Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing 
 Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Installation and Maintenance
Trainers Methodology I 

Plan Training Session 
 Module 1: Introduction to Trainer's Methodology
 Module 2: Identifying Learners' Training Requirements
 Module 3: Preparing Session Plans
 Module 4: Preparing Instructional Materials
 Module 5: Preparing Assessment Instruments
 Module 6: Organizing Learning and Teaching Resources

Facilitate Learning Session 
 Facilitate Learning Session

Utilize Electronic Media in Facilitaiting Training 
 Introduction to Facilitating Training and Electronic Media
 Setting Up Media Equipment
 Maintaining Electronic Media Equipment

Conduct Competency Assessment 
 Module 1: Plan and Organize Competency Assessment
 Module 2: Conducting Competency Assessment
 Assessment Process Recap

Lead Workplace Communication 
 Communication Information About Workplace Processes
 Lead Workplace Discussions
 Identifying and Communicating Issues Arising in the Workplace

Develop and Promote Appreciation for Costs and Benefits of Technical Training 
 Analyzing Cost/Benefits for Technical Vocational Education Training

Utilize IT Application in Technical Training 
 Set-up Work Environment
 Utilizing Word Processing Application
 Utilizing Presenter Application
 Utilizing Spreadsheet Application
 Utilizing Internet and www to Communicate and Collect Information

Foster and Promote Inclusive Learning Culture 
 Practice Inclusivity
 Promote and Respond to Diversity
 Develop and Implement Work Strategies to Support Inclusivity
 Promote a Culture of Learning
 Monitor and Improve Work Practices

Apply Work Ethics, Values and Quality Principles 
 Observe Workplace Policies and Guidelines
 Value Self-worth and Profession
 Observe Proper Conduct in Dealing with Learners and Parents
Trainers Methodology II 

Curriculum Development 
 Curriculum Developer
Health, Social and other Community Development Services 

Massage Therapy 

Swedish Massage 
 Module 1: Introduction to Massage Therapy
 Module 2: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
 Module 3: Basic Pathology and Microbiology
 Module 4: Plan and Implement Massage Session
 Module 5: Perform Swedish Massage

Thai Massage 
 Module 1: Introduction to Thai Massage
 Module 2: Perform Thai Massage

Shiatsu Massage 
 Module 1: Introduction to Shiatsu
 Module 2: Perform Shiatsu Massage

Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) 
 Module 1: Introduction to Nail Care
 Module 2: Materials, Tools, and Equipment Used in Nail Care
 Module 3: Basic Techniques
 Module 4: Perform Plain Manicure
 Module 5: Perform Hand Spa
 Module 6: Perform Plain Pedicure
 Module 7: Perform Foot Spa

STAR Online Training Program 
 STAR Online Training Program
 Personal Assessment Exercise
 Entrepreneurship Values and Gender Perspective
 Planning a Business
 Managing a Business

Managing Your Personal Finances 
 Managing Your Personal Finances